“A knowledge of and the ability to properly and quickly execute the fundamentals. Be prepared and cover every little detail.” -John Wooden

Our Process

To achieve wealth or other personal financial goals, the first step in the process is to identify and set priorities. Financial and personal satisfaction are the result of an organized process of personal money management or personal financial planning.

A defined planning process allows you to control your financial situation. Every individual, family, or household has a unique financial position. Consequently, any financial activity must also be carefully planned to meet specific needs and goals.

At Gleason Capital Advisors our financial planning process follows a trusted, five-step procedure:

(1) Evaluate your current financial situation
(2) Develop your personal financial goals
(3) Identify and evaluate alternative courses of action and their potential impact
(4) Create and implement a Financial Action Plan
(5) Re-evaluate and revise the plan based on the most up-to-date information

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